photo of Jacqui

Jacqui Nosal

Release Manager

From the technical aspects of Git branching and merging to bridging Engineering, Product, and customer-facing teams, I strive to keep challenging myself to learn and explore everything there is to know about helping teams work effectively towards consistent and high quality releases.

Prior to my current role of Release Manager, I spent a few years building an incredible (award-winning!) B2B SaaS User Support & Professional Services team from the ground up- focused on providing great User Experiences, being the voice of the User, and knowing the product inside out.

Between September 2019 - March 2020, I took the opportunity to upgrade my technical skills as part of Juno College's Full-Time Frontend Immersive Bootcamp, along with Juno’s Accelerated Web Development and Accelerated JavaScript pre-Bootcamp courses.

I'm interested in gaining a deeper understanding of various Agile methodologies, leveraging tools to drive optimization & productivity, and building and implementing processes that help, not hinder.

Other interests of mine include coding, reading, mindfulness, health, and food.

I look forward to connecting!

On my spare time, I enjoy coding as a form of exercise for my mind. Check out some of my projects here!

Ongoing Interests

  • Release Management

  • Agile Methodologies, Scrum & XP

  • Atlassian - Jira Software

  • Release Engineering, Git/GitHub Version Control

  • QA Automation Engineering

  • DevOps Practices

  • Servant Leadership & Coaching

  • Cross-Functional Team Collaboration & Communication